Outings, Retreats, & Workshops at Tuckaway Tree Farm

Unplug and Focus on the Task at Hand

Tuckaway Tree Farm offers a contemplative, peaceful setting for business outings, wellness retreats, and artist workshops.  It’s the perfect place to unplug from the distractions of daily life and focus on the tasks at hand. Our modern, heated yurt has ample space for work sessions. And if you need more room, there are picnic tables, fire pits and another 280 square foot barn for breakout sessions. We’ve also built an enclosed full half-bath for your comfort and convenience.

And for artists and wellness professionals, the beautiful natural surroundings, forest walking paths, and woodland streams & ponds will provide inspiration and peaceful reflection.

Take a Private Tour

To truly appreciate Tuckaway Tree Farm, you have to visit and walk the grounds. So, contact us today to book a private tour and experience the beauty of Tuckaway Tree Farm for yourself.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have any additional package or alternative scheduling needs, please contact Lynne for special quoting.