Christmas Season 2020 – Opening Friday, November 27 at 9am.

Please note: This reservation system only confirms that you can come to the farm. It does not reserve a tree for you.

    In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy this holiday season, we have instituted some changes to our normal routine. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    • Please make an appointment for a day and time you want to come by. This will help us regulate the crowds and assure our social distancing protocols.
    • We are open from 9am until 3:30pm Saturdays and Sundays (and the Friday after Thanksgiving).
    • Tree prices – $55 (Credit Cards accepted, if paying by cash EXACT CHANGE is appreciated.)
    • Masks required when social distancing is not possible.
    • Bow saws provided and to be cleaned in between customer use. Feel free to bring your own NON-POWERED handsaw to cut your tree.
    • Our Little Red Barn will not be open this year. (We may have some items outside for sale.)
    • This also means we will not be serving cider or cookies and will not have wreaths.
    Family cutting tree kids

    Our Christmas Tree Farm

    It may sound cliché, but we do consider ourselves as stewards of the land. After all, our job is to care for and nurture trees. And perhaps because we are so intimately involved in planting and growing trees, we respect the time and effort it takes nature to create something so majestic.

    Seven of our 27-acre tree farm is a cut-your-own Balsam Christmas tree farm, where families can create memories that last a lifetime. The remaining 20 acres consists of a beautiful mix of softwood and hardwood trees accompanied by an old ice pond and a beautiful country stream.

    During the holiday season, Tuckaway Tree Farm is the perfect place to come with your family to choose and cut your own Christmas tree. We even have warm cider and cookies in our store. We hope you make Tuckaway Tree Farm part of your holiday tradition.

    The Life of a Tree Farm Tree


    We usually purchase approximately 1,000 balsam transplants that are grown at a nursery from seed and spend their first three years in a seed bed. They are then transplanted into a transplant bed for 2 years. So in reality, the transplants that I plant are only 12″ – 18″ tall but are already 5 years old by the time we put them in the ground.

    Years 1-4 – Initial Growth

    Nature is a pretty good gardener, so our job during this time is to give the trees the best environment in which to grow. This includes mowing, fertilizing and grass control. Shearing is minimum during this time, but does include leader control. This is the process of cutting the lead growth shoot so the rest of the tree fills out and control it from getting too tall and sparse.

    Year 4 - Shaping

    By around the 4th year, we initiate heavier shearing and shaping of the trees. This is done with both hand tools as well as gas powered shearing devise with a large circular saw blade, which helps us create a more uniform cut.

    Years 5-7 – Continued Growth

    In between 4th and 7th year, all of the previous tasks are continued. We fertilize with granular 10-10-10 forumla which starts when the ground is thawed and before bud break. Mowing will start in late May and be done every other week until early fall. Keeping the grass cut is critical as the trees need to have good air flow around the base of the tree to keep fungus or other diseases from harming the trees.

    Years 6 & 7 - Harvest

    Around Year 6 or 7, we can begin to allow harvesting of the trees. Sizes can range anywhere from 6′ – to 10′ depending on the field and growing conditions. When you come to the farm, we can give you the tools to cut down your own tree or we can help you with the process. Out only concern at this point is that you and your family have a wonderful experience and build lasting memories.