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Tuckaway Lynne wood turning bowl
Tuckaway Lynne wood turning bowl
Tuckaway Lynne wood turning bowl

Responsibly-Sourced and Beautifully-Crafted Wood Products

We are acutely aware that the wood we use for our turnings was once a part of a tall, magnificent tree that gave shelter from the rain, and shade from the sun. That’s why we harvest only locally grown trees that are already down or trees that are in need of coming down. We see no need to cut healthy trees down for production.

We personally process the wood from the trees we use. We call our process “From forest to table,” and we take pride in the fact we are part of the process from the raw log to the finished product. And although sometimes this process can take up to 6 months, we think it’s worth it.

Our wood products include:
  • Bowls
  • Rolling pins
  • Pens
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Custom pieces made from your wood
  • Wine stoppers
  • Cheese boards
  • Letter openers
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Much more!
Tuckaway Lynne wood turning

Preserve Your Memories with Custom Wood Turning

Let Tuckaway Wood Turning commemorate special memories in your life with a custom piece of art. Perhaps it’s wood from a tree planted by your grandfather or from your family homestead. Maybe it was from land where you first met your spouse or an area that hold special significance to you, your family or a friend. Whatever the case, we would be honored to turn a cherished memory into a beautiful work of art that will last generations. Simply contact us and let us now the details.

I have always been one to cherish traditions and find meaning in things that hold sentimental value. I think that’s what draws me to wood turning. Each piece is unique and can last generations. When I turn a piece of wood, I am always delighted to see what is hidden beneath the tree’s exterior and try to expose its true identity in my work. Not only do I feel like this helps me honor the tree the wood came from, but it also makes every piece I make truly one-of-a-kind. I hope you think so, too.

~Lynne Park

Contact Lynne for more information on custom pieces.